Martijn & ErikNOT A BRAND JUST TIES is a small The Hague based company that offers specially designed ties. Founders Erik and Martijn enjoy surfing when they are not at their regular day job, and wear ties for work or just to complete a fresh outfit. But they were missing something…

“We think that a tie is a timeless classic and one of the most versatile accessories for any outfit. But in our opinion traditional ties are boring.

The ties we create combine traditional patterns with modern graphic design, which reflect our passion for nature, surfing, city life and design. That’s why our ties have a creative twist and will fit under either a suit, on top of a pair of boardshorts or just with your everyday street wear. Whether working at the office, hanging out with friends or clubbing at night, regardless of fashion, these ties will complete your outfit.”

We are not a brand,
We just make ties.

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